Editing [verb]

Definition of Editing:

rewrite, refine

Opposite/Antonyms of Editing:

Sentence/Example of Editing:

You made Jaffery submit his careful editing to an expert, and you're honourably bound to accept the expert's verdict.

Apparently, attention other than his own was attracted, for he was presently editing the News Letter.

The book of life's padded, ah but padded—a deplorable want of editing!

His first engagement was the editing of a revised edition of their Information for the People .

As a rule the editing of piano music is extremely inadequate, though how can it really be otherwise?

I congratulate you on the average excellence of the subjects covered by the Journal and the scholarly editing thereof.

Mr. Bassett will continue in that capacity as long as his editing and managing seems to be satisfactory.

The present editor has undertaken the task of abridging and editing it, in the belief that the time is ripe for such a work.

The Iliad is not available without a great deal of editing and rearranging for such use in class.

Much help has been obtained from the experience gained in editing various portions of the Tales from the same MS. in former years.