Educated [adjective]

Definition of Educated:

learned, experienced

Opposite/Antonyms of Educated:

Sentence/Example of Educated:

Babu believes that self-registration through Co-WIN may only work for the urban and educated and not for people in rural areas, and that “incomplete registration will then lead to incomplete vaccination.”

All of this helps the first-time or even the second-time homebuyer to be more educated in their purchase and to know all the cards that could be in their hand as they make a move toward homeownership.

In fact, research has found that is typical among those who are the least educated and least politically engaged.

I think that the public needs to be more educated in the role that tech companies, and also AI, are playing in our daily lives.

If we know a protein’s structure, we can make educated guesses about its function.

This message — the need to attract highly educated people — got through to Tony Hsieh and the other architects of the Downtown Project.

With Courtney’s prestige beauty expertise and my experience treating thousands of women’s skin, we knew we could bring a fresh yet educated perspective.

It’s one of those counties that have become more educated, more affluent, and younger.

According to a study from the Economic Policy Institute, teachers earn 19% less than similarly skilled and educated professionals.

“As a general point, recessions tend to hit small companies harder than big companies, and less educated and lower-income workers harder than more educated and higher-income workers,” notes Annie Lowrey, staff writer at The Atlantic.