Educating [verb]

Definition of Educating:

teach information, experience

Synonyms of Educating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Educating:

Sentence/Example of Educating:

The difficulty of educating handlers of bills in distant places as to American credits.

(a) That the Department should consider whether some better method of educating these children can be evolved.

There seemed to be no disagreement on the question of educating boys and girls of primary-school age together.

But she soon saw the need of educating the young people to the ideals and principles of peace.

Edward Forster had maturely weighed the difficulties of the charge imposed upon him, that of educating a female.

It must stand as a whole, educating the entire people, and looking to all for support, or it cannot be permanently maintained.

He must get on as well as he could, educating, improving, helping himself.

You've got a lot to learn, and I'm going to start right in educating you.

Yet we are where we are today with regard to scarce food and dear meat because we didn't begin educating the young farmer sooner.

In educating her grandsons, the great empress excluded the fine arts.