Educative [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Educative:

The measures employed for fire prevention may be either administrative, legislative or educative in nature.

Every state with its executive, legislative, judiciary, military and educative systems is founded on capitalism.

He also enjoys to a far greater degree the protective and educative attention of real neighborhood life.

We have great faith in the educative effect of justice, and a firm administration of law.

In the laws made with this end in view lies one of the greatest educative agencies known.

It endeavors to fill one full of life, and human experience during the educative process.

The educative action of the economic life of the community, therefore, is not of a uniform kind throughout all its manifestations.

The Wesleyans have a high school, a theological college, and other educative agencies.

To the idealistic philosopher Plato, the whole life of man, at least the whole of what we may call the active life, was educative.

The teacher informs me that among all the educative exercises this is the most welcome, and seems also the most important of all.