Eerie [adjective]

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Faintly we heard the eerie traces of high-pitched whale song, the complicated variation that the males sing, perhaps to warn off other males.

Though this groundbreaking work could lead to better treatments for stroke and other brain injuries, it also opened an eerie gray zone between the living and the dead.

The next day was beautiful, made eerie by the absence of the activity that usually pervades the first day of school in any city.

It’s an odd concept, but in Schweblin’s hands, it works, and the result is an eerie, fascinating meditation on privacy, surveillance, and performance.

Yet our first step was taken even earlier, revealed by an eerie homage to the underworld buried within the foothills of Turkey’s Taurus Mountains.

Wasow’s core insight — that faced with at times violent civil rights protests, Nixon managed to ride a focus on “law-and-order” to victory — also has eerie relevance today.

Overhead the rocky walls began to close, the light grew dim, ahead came that eerie glow from the magnetic statue.

She smiled like one who saw a happy vision, and an eerie expression stole into her face.

With another eerie howl the machine soared once more and bobbed completely over the cone to the street which must lie beyond it.

The eerie scream that came echoing through the ship seemed to lift up every single strand of hair on Thompson's head.