Effaced [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Effaced:

I hurried away, and it was long before I could efface the impression made upon my mind by this hideous spectacle.

Thus disappeared from his life the only stain which his restoration had not been able utterly to efface.

Then he hastily laid earth in the interstices round it, and tried to efface all signs of its having been recently removed.

Nothing can ever cure me, no dream of my mind can ever efface the dream of my heart.

She has long been dead, but time will never efface from my mind a tender recollection of her kindness.

Go on, sir, go on; very little more in this strain will efface any memory I preserved of what you first appeared to me.

Perhaps she felt sorry for my pain, perhaps she fancied my love would efface the remembrance of him.

Talents of the rarest order, or regarded as such, do not efface the opprobrium of a dissolute life.

It was only a look, for she rose immediately and shifted her seat, but that look I shall never efface from my memory.

“Put in as much as you like at first, and afterwards efface the superfluity,” is a bit of advice that comes from Corot himself.