Effecting [verb]

Definition of Effecting:

carry out, accomplish

Opposite/Antonyms of Effecting:

Sentence/Example of Effecting:

The FDA then revoked its authorization after hydroxychloroquine was shown not to combat the virus and was linked to harmful side effects.

Advertising has been around for a long time and researchers have been interested in studying the effects of advertising for a long time.

Heart failure can lead to kidney or liver damage or worsening effects in the heart.

Then, you can dial in the strength of the effect with the slider and position the light source by tapping anywhere on the image.

All vaccines have some small rate of negative outcomes, and when given to an entire population these effects can become problematic.

Now she is forced to buy a brand-name drug and pays up to three times what she did for generic oxycodone before the tax went into effect.

Gordon Pennycook, a behavioral scientist at the University of Regina in Saskatchewan, has found the illusory truth effect can lead people to be more likely to believe disinformation.

Among its other effects, the coronavirus pandemic has eroded the quality of education across the country, especially in disadvantaged rural and urban communities, where young people long for purpose-driven futures.

It has also had a lasting effect on how we link race to crime.

The order giving Uber and Lyft 30 days to come into compliance was expected to take effect in several months.