Effectively [adverb]

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The Defense Department would be prudent to use these exercises to test how multiple distributors could effectively deliver vaccines while reducing the single point of failure risk.

Peretti added that the audiences for BuzzFeed News and HuffPost do not overlap, effectively giving BuzzFeed a news audience of close to 100 million monthly unique users.

Employees who work in a role that can effectively be done from home are welcome to do so until June 30.

Still, 93% of the respondents said their board was “able to govern effectively in the new environment,” while 63% said their time commitment as a director went up.

The EU is probing Apple for forcing software developers to use its in-app payment system, which effectively imposes fees on many services using the App Store to reach consumers.

Basically, Hurley agued, because everyone wanted Beiser to resign, there was no way he could effectively represent her on the board.

In doing so, these restrictions effectively limit access to the coast, particularly for lower-income households and underserved communities.

They think they have this captive, ready audience to parlay into sports betting quite effectively.

Nations that have effectively throttled the virus include Japan, Brunei, Finland, China, Thailand, New Zealand, Norway, Taiwan and South Korea.

Setbacks effectively ban townhouses, which would more efficiently use land.