Effectiveness [noun]

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“Generally, my idea of an effective workout tiktok is one that actually teaches viewers something,” says Gach.

Beyond that, though, the most effective way to do so is to wear a mask, most likely preventing the wearer from spreading the virus should they be infected.

Companies need more cost-effective solutions and greater flexibility as business models shift.

I think we’ve been effective at tamping down rumors and a lot is the tone.

Communities will also need better fire detection and notification systems, redundant evacuation routes, and more effective emergency response practices.

Yet if the spike protein were to change, the main candidate vaccines could become less effective because they only target that molecule.

Biden voiced support for Puerto Rican statehood, saying it would be the most “effective means of ensuring the residents of Puerto Rico are treated equally.”

Researchers are looking for a significantly higher number of Covid-19 cases in the control group over the vaccinated group to show the shot is effective.

So, sometimes they just haven’t had the right schooling or instruction on effective team behavior.

The result is, with the inward retreat of the steep it enters on conditions which diminish the effectiveness of the wave stroke.