Effeminacy [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Effeminacy:

And with the passing of Roman manhood into oriental effeminacy began the passing of Roman sway over the civilized world.

They despised wealth just as other nations despise effeminacy and foppery.

He had delicate features, redeemed from effeminacy by the swarthiness of his complexion, and his quick intensity of expression.

There where true grace simply used ease and provenance, affected grace becomes effeminacy.

Of the effeminacy of a night robe Webster knew nothing except by somewhat hazy rumour.

The Roman senate, in the reign of Tiberius, decreed that only women should wear silk, on account of its effeminacy.

They administer a bracing medicine to the effeminacy of the age, and must exert a wholesome influence.

Accordingly when Cicero was reviled for his effeminacy by Verres, he replied, “A man should find fault with his sons at home.”

During the greatest opulency of the ancient empires its purity was often sullied by effeminacy and sensuality.

Note the warm bath again, supposed sign of effeminacy; here it is taken by Ulysses with decided approbation.