Effervescent [adjective]

Definition of Effervescent:

fizzing, foaming

Synonyms of Effervescent:

Opposite/Antonyms of Effervescent:

Sentence/Example of Effervescent:

Fill a pint glass with water, drop in a tablet, and in a few minutes the tab will completely dissolve, leaving you with a slightly sweet, effervescent beverage that I find endlessly refreshing.

In this effervescent novel, he captures that transition in the experiences of people swept along by it.

Perhaps, as men get older, the effervescent elation of youth leaves them; but they are none the less happy.

All three were fond of talking, and had many callers who liked to hear the feebly effervescent news of Wellwood.

His style has a certain effervescent quality, but, for all that, the tragic developments of the story are not shirked.

Forbes was in a champagne humor; his soul seemed to be effervescent with little bubbles of joy.

His presence acted as a check upon the experimental tendencies of the more effervescent of his subjects.

He did not answer, and they walked on to the eastward in silence, through streets effervescent with playing children.

It was nonsense, effervescent with animal spirits and impertinence.

Ice clinked in effervescent, sparkling water against a glass.