Efficaciously [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Efficaciously:

A vaccine that is highly efficacious, if taken by a very, very high percentage of people, could potentially crush this outbreak — similar to what was done with outbreaks of measles and polio and smallpox and other diseases.

It will then be about how they are used but a safe 90% efficacious vaccine is a game changer.

The possibility that interferon may help some people is enticing because it appears most efficacious in the early stages of infection, when life-threatening respiratory failure could still be averted.

The likelihood is that at least two, three, or four of those will probably prove to be both safe and efficacious.

Beyond Mab Tabs, if an efficacious product can be made from plants and delivered in a modern form factor, we have it in our sights.

Nothing has contributed so efficaciously, for some years past, to the progress of the native English drama.

And that this may be done more efficaciously and permanently the angels aid by their operation in it.

They are likewise interested in the maintenance of a powerful fleet by the Union, to protect them efficaciously.

According to the doctors, soporific, injected into the human body by the de Pravaz syringe, acts violently and efficaciously.

In malarial conditions there is nothing that acts so promptly and efficaciously as Sinkina.