Efficiencies [noun]

Definition of Efficiencies:

adeptness, effectiveness

Opposite/Antonyms of Efficiencies:

Sentence/Example of Efficiencies:

The best transformers actually show efficiencies better than 97 per cent.

In this process, things get values—something they did not possess before, although they had their efficiencies.

To arrive at the over-all efficiency, the various partial or component efficiencies must be multiplied together.

Hence it is that the average efficiency of pumps of this kind is in practice less than the efficiencies given above.

In other words, the Prussian Empire, with all its perfections and efficiencies, has one notable defect—that it is a dead thing.

The sloping line below the day rate line shows the hourly rate at various efficiencies.

The sloping line shows the earnings per hour at different efficiencies.

It is the same at all efficiencies, and there is no inducement whatever for a worker to increase his efficiency.

Some of the reasons for the higher efficiencies of trunks in the automatic system are not well defined, but unquestionably exist.

Conservation of energy is brought out in these same experiments with reference to the efficiencies involved.