Efficiency [noun]

Definition of Efficiency:

adeptness, effectiveness

Opposite/Antonyms of Efficiency:

Sentence/Example of Efficiency:

With limited ad budgets, every dollar counts and efficiency is at a premium.

Pitchers who lack mechanical efficiency are more reliant on the creation of power to throw hard.

Automation shines with grouped efficiency and averages…not shared and thus manually managed data.

There’s this layer of data and efficiency that we’ve experienced as we’ve figured this all out that I don’t think we can walk away from in the future.

Since then the rise of e-commerce marketplaces has forced a major shift in the design of the consumer journey, designed to reduce friction and increase efficiency.

All three are built on Nvidia’s new Ampere architecture, which Nvidia says will improve power efficiency over the previous system by nearly double.

State-backed digital money also offers the potential for greater efficiency in payments and money transfers, letting merchants settle deals instantly, and avoid the current patchwork of banks and clearing houses, which can take days.

For many global advertisers, recoveries will be driven by efficiencies, rather than top-line growth.

The aerobic system can even regress, as musculoskeletal output and biomechanical efficiency go down with it.

Because motor efficiency varies, more power isn’t always better, he says.