Efflorescent [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Efflorescent:

To be so near the reality, the literal flesh and blood of what had been a long series of efflorescent dreams, quite stirred him.

It is sometimes efflorescent, sometimes crystallized, but oftener confusedly mixed with clay and sand.

Their edges should be smeared with candle-grease, to prevent the salt creeping over them by efflorescent vegetation.

Gilfoyle's forgotten affections came back to life, expanding and efflorescent.

This salt, in its efflorescent state, exists extensively in the limestone caves of Missouri and Arkansas.

I hope these efflorescent days (if you have them) don't turn your stomach too much against the thick taste of the Julian broth.

In nothing is it akin to Isabella's efflorescent Plateresque-Gothic.

By careful evaporation, efflorescent prismatic crystals may be obtained, soluble in 41⁄2 parts of water.

In April the mating season would be over and the birds silent, a brooding stillness possess an efflorescent Eden.

Their ordinary speech was ornate and efflorescent, throwing itself out in simile and hyperbole.