Effluent [noun]

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Heavy rainfall would seal up the soil until effluent had nowhere to go but up onto lawns or back into homes.

This wouldn’t provide nearly as much water, but the water it would provide could still be cheaper than water we currently import from the Colorado River, and it could prevent some untreated effluent from flowing into the Pacific, Tetzlaff said.

Only seven percent of the world’s wastewater is fully treated to remove nitrogen, and when the urine-tinged effluent is released into water bodies it acts as a pollutant, causing algal blooms and fish die-offs.

No sludge is left, everything being turned into the harmless effluent.

Namely, it is an attempt to exhibit apparent nature as an effluent from the mind because of causal nature.

The meeting point of these two natures is the mind, the causal nature being influent and the apparent nature being effluent.

The effluent is fit for all the varied uses of a dye works, and is stated to be perfectly capable of sustaining fish life.

The cuttle is the only animal that I know of that would cause this by the effluent current from its "syphon tube."

If the paper works be those working up wood pulp, the pollutions of effluent water will be about as noxious as they well can be.

We had thus examined each of its three mouths, and settled all doubts as to the Rusizi being an effluent or influent.