Efforts [noun]

Definition of Efforts:

work, exertion

Synonyms of Efforts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Efforts:

Sentence/Example of Efforts:

You need but will, and it is done; but if you relax your efforts, you will be ruined; for ruin and recovery are both from within.

The friars were exceedingly wroth, and combined to defeat the Generalʼs efforts to come to an understanding with the rebels.

Greenlaw (Charles P.), his efforts in obtaining steam for India, 560.

The machine penetrated everywhere, thrusting aside with its gigantic arm the feeble efforts of handicraft.

It was a very dangerous one, too, and sometimes lives were sacrificed in his efforts to capture or to kill this fierce wild beast.

Clearly his business abilities were great; his reforms were bold and drastic, and success attended his efforts.

They have managed to do this by great efforts, and that with the criminals free, and with the power of the governor.

In order that such might be avoided, I have made and am making all the efforts possible.

He never attended school a single day of his life, yet gradually rose by his own efforts to the highest military and civil honors.

But he was rescued by the efforts of the sailors, who threw him a rope by which he saved himself.