Eggheads [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Eggheads:

Well, the first time we met him of course we all thought he was so-called egghead, or whatever words you want to use.

"You know, Miss Shaw, this isn't just the roughneck's scorn for the egghead," Travis said.

My egghead Psi expert was barely able to restrain himself—he had some bitter things to tell me.

He needed and wanted the products of scientific research, but he had a vague fear of the scientist—the "egghead."

On the porch was the Egghead feeding ice cream to Mimi Lafontaine.

"We can always have a banquet, even if we're beaten," said the Triumphant Egghead.

"Egghead, you are both intelligent and comforting," said Hickey.

"Beauty's sister," said the Egghead, gaping with astonishment.

Butcher and Egghead have got to take two each—that would make sixteen.

He flipped the card disdainfully to the Egghead, saying, "A bunch of freaks!"