Egging [verb]

Definition of Egging:

harass, bother

Synonyms of Egging:

Opposite/Antonyms of Egging:

Sentence/Example of Egging:

Putting all of our eggs in a single basket exposes our vaccination process to the potential for what we in the military call a single point of failure risk.

Not his own life, though—the male is helping to ensure his species’ survival by fertilizing his female companion’s eggs as she lays them.

The process involved obtaining separate eggs from a female donor and fertilizing one of them from John’s sperm and the other from Yaroslav’s sperm through a laboratory in vitro fertilization process.

We can fry an egg or we can write a blog post or we can dance or sing.

A number of restaurants serve shrimp with eggs around the port, but the best place to have it isn’t a restaurant at all.

For breakfast, it might be served with a fried egg, while for lunch and dinner it’s a side to meat or fish.

Once the first shark pup hatches inside its mom, it begins gobbling up the remaining eggs.

My intention was to hide something like an Easter egg or something that the player can find after they buy a PlayStation 5.

Since then that turkey has been appearing on our boards in its entire repertory — turkey hash, turkey soup, boned turkey, giblets of turkey, minced turkey, turkey salad, eggs a la Turk, turkey croquettes, etc.

Doctors there discovered that she was suffering from an ectopic pregnancy, in which a fertilized egg begins to develop outside the uterus.