Ego [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Ego:

I think that’s what I … I have very little tolerance for people whose egos are inflated and who have lost their sense of curiosity about other people.

A remote expanse of badlands and prairie that humbles the ego instantly.

That is, stable in his penchant to destroy everything and everyone that doesn’t feed his ego.

In service of his own ego, he is undermining the constitution and democracy, and may well hand a defeat to Senate Republicans in the process.

The first rule is not to destroy your career, your life, just because of the ego.

Michel, shy and withdrawn, hides behinds that alter ego that lends him his face and hands to show the world his claims as an artist.

“It might feel good in the short term to pad your ego by playing to your strengths all the time, but in the long run, you’re not going to develop into as well-rounded of a climber,” says Pincus.

I think so much of life is about expanding your ego to be more inclusive of others.

I let go of a lot of my ego, helped our employees succeed even at my expense, listened more, and talked less.

A puppet indeed, then, and for a man known for a healthy ego it was time to go.