Egos [noun]

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Then we vaguely comprehend what distinguishes the two mechanisms or, if you wish, the working methods of the two egos.

It has been observed through the investigations that egos have been husband and wife, or parent and child, again and again.

The three "Egos" are man in his three aspects on the astral, intellectual or psychic, and the Spiritual planes, or states.

In the real world, persons are not abstract egos, like A and B, so that to benefit one is clearly as good as to benefit another.

Indeed, abstract egos could not be benefited, for they could not be modified at all, even if somehow they could be distinguished.

"Here's where I make some of 'em forget their egos, at so much per," says I, pointin' to the sign.

"Persons with well-developed egos don't care to listen to folk-stories," she rejoined, evading the tentative invitation openly.

They take to the platform like ducks to water and their egos are likely to be very highly developed.

But they cannot get away from their own miserable egos long enough to hear me.

She was an orchestra of cells; the multiplicity of her egos astonished, yet did not distress her.