Egotists [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Egotists:

In other words, he must have been an egotist, which he was not.

So this raid of an intolerable egotist across the disordered beginnings of a new time should have closed.

There is no proof that this unbrotherly, unhumorous egotist was ever sincerely loved by any human being.

M. d'Ablaincourt was an egotist; but, at the same time, a well-bred, a well-mannered egotist.

Being an egotist also, if I may say so, on a national scale, he thought humanity could only be redeemed by German art.

Did the pale stars and the restless waves teach no lesson that such an egotist might learn, and be the better for the learning?

In life, too, he was no egotist, and seldom spoke of his likings and dislikings.

She was not the type of egotist who thinks always, "How terrible that this should have happened to me!"

The most offensive egotist is he that fears to say "I" and "me."

"Delighted, I'm sure," said Dale, who stood looking down on the Liliputian egotist with polite wonder.