Ejected [verb]

Definition of Ejected:

throw or be thrown out

Opposite/Antonyms of Ejected:

Sentence/Example of Ejected:

Dr. Skinner, ejected Bishop of Oxford, had admitted him into orders at the early age of twenty-one.

He was born a plebeian, and rose to distinction by his talents, but was ejected from the senate for his profligacy.

If reason is to rule, the usurper, religion, must be ejected; hence atheism was fundamental to his entire system.

In 1643 the Earl of Manchester ejected many of the Royalist clergymen from their livings who were scandalous ministers.

When the tray was ejected, he sipped his drink appreciatively and looked across the rim of the glass at the other man.

The next morning the ejected delegate sailed for London, but soon went to Paris where he helped to form radical groups.

Sometimes Michael or Alan would be ejected with vituperation from the class-room to spend an hour in the corridor without.

The sand and water were ejected from the vents with some force.

A little sand is placed in front of each to receive the ejected material.

When the roller is returned, the sheet is automatically ejected and counted.