Ejectment [noun]

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Ejectment is the action employed to eject or turn out a wrongful possessor and recover possession of land.

This was an ejectment brought to recover the rectory-house, &c. of Exeter College in Oxford.

"If you were rotten enough for that, I suppose she could appeal to the magistrates for an ejectment order," replied Percy hazily.

Shall the officers of the law, under these broken arches, endorse a due return upon the writ of ejectment?

The action for the ejectment could not take place before the ensuing March or April.

They were exposed to great trials, and suffered much persecution, after their ejectment.

A Mr. Worth, ejected from the living of Kilsby, preached at Daventry for some time after his ejectment.

Ejectment, in law, an action wherein the title to lands and tenements may be tried and the possession recovered.

This then was the end of the carnival; the due return upon the writ of ejectment.

Mr. Screw's dignity was seriously offended by the summary ejectment he had suffered at the Doctor's hands on the previous day.