Elaborated [verb]

Definition of Elaborated:

make detailed; expand

Synonyms of Elaborated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Elaborated:

Sentence/Example of Elaborated:

Restaurants that remain open are building elaborate “outdoor” dining spaces that are literally just indoor dining spaces.

Lynn called it “completely miscommunication,” declining to elaborate.

Unfortunately, in the cybersecurity industry, there are too many players, and the majority of the “educational” information and reports from the vendor community are mostly elaborate product pitches.

You can get fancy and use wireless lapel mics or other more elaborate options, but it’s hard to beat a good USB microphone on a long cable.

There are plenty of ways you can improve the quality of your video calls, but adding fancy microphones and elaborate lighting setups can only help so much.

He never spoke without preparation, and most of his orations were severely elaborated.

They were very polite and kind to her, sustaining a conversation devised and elaborated for her diversion.

"The latest comer is always highest and wisest," he elaborated.

The latter made a scientific little bow, elaborated evidently by long practice, expressive at once of gratification and humility.

The world never saw a more complete system of dogmatic theology than that elaborated by Thomas Aquinas.