Elaborates [verb]

Definition of Elaborates:

make detailed; expand

Synonyms of Elaborates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Elaborates:

Sentence/Example of Elaborates:

He bases his rules upon those of Professor Bain, elaborates these, and adds some equally good ones.

It elaborates upon the application of various forms of bandages and plasters in a variety of operations.

In the first section (56 chapters)14 he elaborates upon the uses and disadvantages of cautery in general.

In the third Scholion he elaborates this thought and shows that differentiation takes place in triple wise.

This is the second law of organic form, and it is this law that Milne-Edwards chiefly elaborates.

The behaviour in hot water confirms and elaborates the classification.

Thus Peruzzi (167 and 218) elaborates the architecture and the horses, and introduces portraits.

President Morris: Each elaborates its own kind of food in its own kind of cell.

It is the irresistible power which elaborates everything, and the waters contain more organized beings than the land.

Phillis is especially remarkable for the grace and refinement with which the author elaborates the Sidneian model.