Elapsed [verb]

Definition of Elapsed:

go by; slip away

Synonyms of Elapsed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Elapsed:


Sentence/Example of Elapsed:

As so much time has elapsed since the orders were given, the persons that ordered them are quite impotent.

Smoke not before breakfast, nor till an hour has elapsed after a good meal.

The inscription of the Rupuath Rock has the words: "Two hundred and fifty years have elapsed since the departure of the teacher."

Not until forty-four years had elapsed did she renew her acquaintance with the family in the person of Peter Ilich.

Pernambuco had during the half century which had elapsed since the expulsion of the Dutch had time to recruit.

After the ceremony they were separated; and many years full of strange vicissitudes elapsed before they again met.

More than two hundred years had since elapsed without any Resumption Act.

Some little time elapsed before a big man with a fine, resolute face came into the hall.

But not immediately; some two or three weeks elapsed, and during that time Mr. Carr was a good deal with both of them.

Before many years have elapsed, the representatives of Scotland will probably sit there to manage the local affairs of the nation.