Elder [adjective]

Definition of Elder:

born earlier

Synonyms of Elder:

Opposite/Antonyms of Elder:

Sentence/Example of Elder:

In this country, everything is disposable and expendable, and our elders are one of the greatest resources we have in this country and in the world.

Mallott took the stage, talking about his youth in Southeast Alaska and the importance of elders and youths working together to improve safety, security and respect.

An elder sister whose eyes were always forlorn had revealed that her husband used to whip her and that she had even thought of ending her life.

After the game, the elder Thompson intercepted a reporter’s question about the shirts directed at his son.

Nursing homes and other elder care facilities have needed to change since well before coronavirus.

That’s because elder barn owlets will sometimes give away their meal to their younger siblings.

Here the speaker, putting her hand before her mouth, coughed again, and looked affectionately at the elder Mr. Weller.

“My sister is passionately fond of children,” said the elder lady, in smiling apology.

"All right, Pater," you would say, and leave the matter in the hands of the elder generation.

You see, your two elder brothers went to the University, but then we could find them family livings.