Elders [noun]

Definition of Elders:

older person

Synonyms of Elders:

Opposite/Antonyms of Elders:

Sentence/Example of Elders:

Imitation of the ways of their elders doubtless plays a part here, but it is aided by an instinct for adornment.

I never now see our young people, or their elders either, affected by an author as we were then by the power of Dickens.

He was in the habit of visiting or writing to them; and here the elders sent to him, if they happened to have a trustworthy envoy.

They would prefer Hans Nilsen, but, at the same time, would be grateful for any one whom the elders might send to them.

Still they were pleased to hear him, the elders nodding their heads approvingly, and smiling at one another.

The elders then begged Madame Torvestad to write to him, and the next day she delivered to them a sealed letter.

She will always be welcome in my house; and as for my daughter, she will only laugh at this tempest of her elders in a tea-pot.

But in the little office behind Sivert Jespersen's store, five or six of the elders were assembled.

But the two elders rising up in the midst of the people, laid their hands upon her head.

The multitude believed them, as being the elders, and the judges of the people, and they condemned her to death.