Eldest [adjective]

Definition of Eldest:

advanced in age

Synonyms of Eldest:

Opposite/Antonyms of Eldest:

Sentence/Example of Eldest:

Her eldest daughter married in America, and was well known as a modeller in wax in New York.

She is very highly educated, and is preparing her eldest son for the university herself.

The fourth Robert de Brus of Annandale, eldest son of the preceding lord, was born in 1210.

But no, it didn't matter about the eldest son—never mind about him; put him in the City, anywhere as long as he's out of the way.

Scott's tomb, that of his wife and their eldest son are in one of the chapels whose vaulted roof still remains in position.

The first and eldest parish is that of St. Sebastian; the church dedicated to whom is the royal chapel, the only one I saw to-day.

He thanked her, saying, "I wanted to learn all about it, for I thought it would be such nice work for my eldest sister."

The Dauphin and his eldest son the Duke of Burgundy would waive their rights.

His eldest daughter suddenly put a stop to his enthusiasm by asking him rather coldly, "who the train was to bring down."

Son-in-law and successor of Cardot, whose eldest daughter he had married.