Elected [adjective]

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All of that is the hard work that we all have to do as electeds.

He looked up from his fish and replied, somewhat cuttingly, "By contesting a borough and getting elected."

Lannes enlisted in the second battalion of the volunteers of Gers, and was at once elected sub-lieutenant by his fellow-citizens.

Those who were in office more than four years were re-elected for a second term.

John Hancock elected president of congress; he succeeded Peyton Randolph in that office.

If these gentlemen had thought to avoid slippery ground, they should have elected to appoint the meeting elsewhere.

In admitting a member, if no form of election has been prescribed, each candidate must be elected separately.

Shareholders manage their corporations through directors or trustees elected for that purpose.

Having elected directors, the management of a corporation is confided to them.

At such meetings, the officers were to be elected by the stockholders and the laws of the colony were to be passed.