Electioneering [noun]

Definition of Electioneering:


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Sentence/Example of Electioneering:

In the canvass of 1896 Mr. McKinley announced that he would make no electioneering tour.

George, who was great at electioneering manœuvres, took much interest in the proceedings.

By doing so he likened the sweet fragrance of her love to the dirty turmoil of an electioneering contest.

Do you mean to say, my lady, that the Duke paid his electioneering bill down at Silverbridge?

They had had no part in the merry electioneering which had evidently gone on under their very noses.

Their grand fighting qualities have run to seed in municipal disagreements and electioneering squabbles.

Lincoln arrived only a few days before the election, and at once plunged into "electioneering."

Thrale had serious thoughts of repaying Johnson's electioneering aid in kind, by bringing him into Parliament.

Rowlandson has taken the idea and fitted it to the purpose of an electioneering squib.

Three electioneering ballads, besides a few trivial pieces, make up the whole.