Electors [noun]

Definition of Electors:

citizen who votes

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Sentence/Example of Electors:

Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and the rest of the states certified their electors.

The Constitution, he wrote, “leaves it to the legislature exclusively to define the method” for appointing electors.

He objected to electors from Arizona and Pennsylvania in votes after the Capitol had been secured.

I’m leading the fight to reject key electors from key states unless there is an emergency audit of the election results.

Wisconsin’s votes were counted because Congress had agreed that an “Act of God” had prevented the electors from reaching the state capital of Madison on time.

Notably, as pointed out by lawyer Akiva Cohen on Twitter, the suit claims that Arizona has appointed competing sets of electors, a situation that would mean the state would submit two sets of votes to Congress.

The suit argues that the Constitution gives the vice president, in his role as president of the Senate, sole discretion to determine whether electors put forward by the states are valid.

Yes, there have been attempts to object to state’s electors.

Some electors over the years have gone rogue and cast their votes for someone else, which they’re technically not supposed to do.

Every state gets the number of electors that’s equal to the number of its senators and representatives in Congress, and the District of Columbia gets three votes.