Electrified [adjective]

Definition of Electrified:

having electricity

Synonyms of Electrified:



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Sentence/Example of Electrified:

It's called BrightDrop, and the goal is to provide a range of electrified products for the logistics and delivery industries.

General Motors is launching a new business unit devoted to electrifying the goods delivery market and says package giant FedEx will be the first customer.

Daimler, which envisions more than half of its global sales being electrified by the end of the decade, will have to overcome labor-union opposition to shrinking its variations of combustion engines by 70%.

The E-GMP platform made its debut during a press conference earlier this week in which the company laid out the ambitious plans it has to move toward electrifying its fleet.

This was totally unexpected in the house, which, for an instant, seemed electrified into silence.

Matt's hopefulness and splendid confidence electrified Chub.

When any electrified body is approached by a conductor, the fluid will gather on the side where the approach is made.

And now triumph, and a delight beyond expression, bounds like an electrified pulse throughout all his strong, vigorous frame.

The porter, who was known as the "dormouse," from his sleepy disposition, became electrified into activity when he saw Katharine.

The natural repulsion between its like electrified particles causes the shower to issue in spray.