Electrify [verb]

Definition of Electrify:

thrill, stimulate

Synonyms of Electrify:

Opposite/Antonyms of Electrify:

Sentence/Example of Electrify:

Graves’ work electrified anthropologists and the general public.

Pepco, itself, will electrify half of its own passenger and medium-duty fleet by 2030.

It could have explored Malcolm and Marie’s power dynamics in a way that keeps the audience on their toes, electrified by the shifting sands beneath their feet.

When he came out on the stage the applause was tremendous, and enough in itself to excite and electrify one.

It would produce a splendid effect on the populace and would electrify the soldiers.

To have been able to electrify his audience with the news of some startling discovery would have been pure joy for Asaph.

Electrify a smooth glass tube with a rubber, and hold a small feather at a short distance from it.

The evils p. 267are so linked together that a shock given to any one would electrify the whole mass of evil.

I waited impatiently all through the campaign for a summons to appear and electrify the people.

In the year 1748 a Dutch experimenter named Cuneus thought he would try to electrify water.