Electrifying [verb]

Definition of Electrifying:

thrill, stimulate

Synonyms of Electrifying:

Opposite/Antonyms of Electrifying:

Sentence/Example of Electrifying:

There are a lot of things happening at our state, providing funding to help electrify.

Manufacturers can technically “electrify” vehicles by swapping out the internal combustion engine for electric parts.

As things currently stand, unless Hunter, Reddish, Okongwu and Collins become above-average, all-around defenders who can help electrify Atlanta’s offense, pairing Young with a similarly aged co-pilot once he reaches his prime could be tricky.

Its 1977 victory, against a dominant Moscow team at the height of the Cold War, electrified Israel and solidified its love of basketball.

Similarly, it is hard to electrify industrial production, as Vox’s David Roberts explained earlier this year.

And when he stood erect again it seemed that the old earth had a stirring, electrifying impetus for his feet.

There is something charmingly boyish in his enthusiasm over his own manly valor and his confidence in its "electrifying" effect.

A few weeks later came the electrifying news of his engagement to his second cousin, Cecil Charnock.

The effect of this command on Mr. Toosypegs, in his present disordered state of mind was perfectly electrifying.

The air was keen and clear, with an electrifying quality that made the blood bound faster.