Elegantly [adverb]

Definition of Elegantly:

in an attractive or pleasing manner

Opposite/Antonyms of Elegantly:


Sentence/Example of Elegantly:

If you’d rather serve individual pies, try this elegant option that jettisons pastry on top for thinly sliced sweet potatoes.

Source BOOTLEGGER COFFEE COMPANYThe elegant — and delicious — Kirstenbosch.

Phillips has a dash of gray and Wareham has a splash of it, and both wear stylish warm-weather clothes, elegant but not fussy.

Your husband has an elegant solution — it shows you value her, want her to join you and understand she might want to opt out of the noise.

Theorists have proposed that such arrangements could be an elegant way to generate diverse ecosystems by preventing any one species from outcompeting the rest.

Companies like Mochjichat argue that it’s a more elegant solution for gamers to use, because it doesn’t take viewers away from the live stream, where they could potentially miss some of the action.

Kohler’s Sensate smart kitchen faucet is elegant, beautiful, and pricey.

There might be someone on your list who either loves the simplicity of a good solid coffee mug, or is looking to stock up—either way, this elegant set has them covered.

Small, practical, and elegant, this countertop wine rack holds and displays four hanging wine glasses and four vertical wine bottles.

Speaking of being provocative, Moser makes these very elegant, classical-looking watches, but you’ve also stirred up plenty of controversy with some of your concept designs.