Elegiac [adjective]

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Can any of your readers tell me whence comes the following Sotadic Elegiac poem, and construe it for me?

Such were among the great elegiac poets of Rome, who were generally devoted to the delineation of the passion of love.

Tibullus, also a famous elegiac poet, was born the same year as Ovid, and was the friend of the poet Horace.

On the fall of Napoleon, Béranger took it upon himself to sing the glory of the fallen empire in elegiac strains.

Eugenia failed not to observe her appointment the next morning, which was devoted to elegiac poetry.

Already I hear the wanton breezes sighing in Sapphic softness and the forests' elegiac murmur.

Usque's poem did not win the same popularity as two other elegiac histories of the same period.

Though called a tragedy, it is only a narrative and elegiac poem in the octave rhyme.

They were drifting with the twilight into an elegiac mood, suffering the sweet sorrow of parting.

She wanted to revel awhile in her elegiac humor and pay full honor to her sorrow, full penalty for her guilt.