Elegies [noun]

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It was a species of brief elegy to the memory of Turenne, whom the French soldier still regarded as his tutelar genius.

The next day he composed a beautiful elegy upon “the sister of the prisoner.”

The principal classes of lyric poetry are the song, the ode, the elegy, and the sonnet.

A 'byplay' bearing the same name follows an elegy upon the death of an only son.

Mopsus laments his death; Menalcas proclaims his divinity; the whole eclogue consisting of an elegy and an apotheosis.

In his murky down-town office George had felt himself of late more poet than clerk, and now he was all elegy.

He died in Cambridge, and I hear they bestowed an elegy on his memory, and design to raise a monument to his ashes.

He also wrote a collection of melodies, among them an elegy entitled "At the Tomb of Beethoven."

But of the more modern poetry I think Mr. Gray's Elegy pleased him best.

He was always averse to affectation, literary or otherwise, and in Elegy viij deliberately condemns Lyly's fantastic style.