Elemental [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Elemental:

It’s an elemental law of the Super Bowl that some moment from the halftime show will be instantly meme-i-fied and stick around the next day like a bad hangover.

This spectrum turned out to be identical to that of a form of elemental sulfur, and we suggested that tiny particles of sulfur in the clouds are responsible for their yellowish color.

But there was another storm raging in those streets, more terrible than any elemental warfare.

In such, or fitter words, does Camille evoke the Elemental Powers, in this great moment.

They deal with the most elemental religious conceptions and are full of the imagery of nature.

Behind each of those tiny garret windows lurks life—life in its most elemental costume.

There is a time for all things, even for the elemental talk of frontiersmen on a holiday.

He is thrilled with the elemental wonder, fulfilled with the immortal truth.

There is something primitive and prehistoric about it—elemental in its somberness and in its grandeur.

It was as if elemental forces, subdued and imprisoned when the earth's surface cooled, had escaped.