Elements [noun]

Definition of Elements:

essential feature

Synonyms of Elements:

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Sentence/Example of Elements:

Converting lightweight elements into heavier ones is what most stars do.

I always thought that people know best and there should be a way to add the human element to search for a better-organized web.

With the help of visual editors, marketers and website owners alike can change elements on the pages they wish to test and deploy different landing pages for visitors arriving from different places across the web.

This is largely down to the structure of a landing page as it aligns with persuasion, including elements that help to persuade.

The alt text describes what an image or other visual element contains.

The written word is often complemented by multimedia elements but usually serves as the basis on which the content piece is built.

In addition to documenting these previously unknown architectural features, the scientists were able to chronicle changes to the city over time and discern unique elements not seen elsewhere in ancient Rome.

To implement schema markup with Microdata involves coding elements into your website.

Now that those easy gains have gone, though, the authors say it’s going to be increasingly important to refocus computer scientists’ efforts on optimizing all elements of the computing stack for performance.

As soon as you require JS to be rendered to yield one of the above elements you put search performance in jeopardy.