Elevates [verb]

Definition of Elevates:

lift up

Synonyms of Elevates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Elevates:

Sentence/Example of Elevates:

This sublime dignity, pre-eminently her own and shared by no other creature, elevates her to a station inconceivably exalted.

How truly a sincere return to faith, and love, and hope, consoles and elevates the mind.

Misfortune cannot degrade a man, unless he be intrinsically mean; it rather elevates him.

But there is also a moral and philosophical respect for our ancestors, which elevates the character and improves the heart.

When these ideas are lofty, discussion upon them elevates the mind and doubtless strengthens its powers.

The irresistible inclination of the people towards all that elevates the soul and ennobles existence was not to be arrested.

Talk of illusions as you will, that of being in love is the only one that moulds the nature or elevates the heart!

Every small or great improvement in womans condition elevates society, and society is only men and women.

The Gospel of the blessed God and the law conjointly elevates and spiritualizes humanity.

It is the glory of life, for it elevates the heart and mind into the contemplation of, and sympathy with, the ideal—the spiritual.