Elevating [verb]

Definition of Elevating:

lift up

Synonyms of Elevating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Elevating:

Sentence/Example of Elevating:

Steinmetz is one of four practice squad players Washington protected this week, and it may have to elevate him for the game — for depth, if nothing else.

In my mind, her cooking elevates the chalet to five-star status.

Meanwhile, reporter Gene Park elevated the series to “must wait at GameStop on midnight launch day,” a distinction he usually reserved for “Halo” and “Zelda” games.

Most of the unstable air will be “elevated” in nature, while the deeper, unstable air mass rooted to the ground should stay to our south, over the Carolinas.

Let’s look at some numbers that show how much both players have elevated their games in the last four years.

We bought a little stand that’s supposed to help — it elevates the food and water bowls and has a little tray beneath it like on a fast-food soda machine — but it hasn’t had much effect.

Jarrett’s recruitment — and decision to flip to Maryland on national signing day a year ago — outlined Locksley’s model for elevating the program.

Dismissing Ron Roenicke, Cora’s bench coach who was elevated to interim manager in 2020, created the opening — as well as the impression Roenicke had merely been a placeholder all along.

These trends were especially strong among participants who had elevated despair scores that traced back to childhood.

These gloomy crypts are a school of Christian love and gentle charity, of ennobling thoughts and elevating impulses.