Elevators [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Elevators:

Never mind that this particular trip involves a drive of only four miles from home and a short elevator ride to our seats.

They’re willing to pay, but then the elevator’s completely full.

Staircases, elevators, and escalators will be labeled to keep everybody moving in the same direction.

Co-workers do not bump into one another on the elevator or in hallways.

In terms of load times, elevator rides have been cut down significantly, with the option to skip them entirely to return to gameplay as quick as possible.

Security camera video shows Habib attacking Prewitt after a verbal dispute in an elevator.

Once inside, the mob fans out, passing a Senate appointments desk and heading toward a bank of elevators.

It’s so tall, in fact, that astronauts would use an elevator to get from the crew cabin down to the moon’s surface.

So into the elevators and down to the basement we went, racing toward the Capitol Visitor Center.

The overall conclusion seems to be that because your time in an elevator is brief, you are unlikely to face any significant viral risk, especially if you are masked.