Elfin [adjective]

Definition of Elfin:

mischievous; small

Synonyms of Elfin:

Opposite/Antonyms of Elfin:


Sentence/Example of Elfin:

That is the proper way to feed these elfin creatures of wood on whose backs little boys gallop through the land of dreams.

So still was the place that the caged cricket hanging from the eaves of Um's distant room beat time like an elfin metronome.

We walked on so together to the spot where we first had met, and where first the thrush had sounded for us his elfin clarion.

The word elfin, which became quite a common word, seems to have been invented by Spenser.

Why should the elfin's son be worse than the son of the devil himself?

A Pomeranian story marks the transition to a type of tale wherein one special characteristic of elfin gifts is presented.

The elfin race were supposed to be on the watch for unchurched or unsained mothers to have the benefit of their milk.

It happens occasionally that these victims of elfin gallantry are rescued by other men than their husbands.

But it is only slowly that the old elfin fire fades into the light of common realism.

The lassie's elfin face looked out from a low, rear window of the Candlemakers' Guildhall at the top of the Row.