Elfish [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Elfish:

Parpon climbed up on a pile of untired wheels, and with an elfish grin began singing.

Pinched and elfish faces of children appeared at the windows overlooking the kirkyard.

Tom doesnt believe, I suppose, that girls would quite understand his manly feelings, she added with a sudden elfish smile.

She had been with him, smiling, elfish and tender one moment, and gone the next.

And as she spoke the elfish eyes gleamed strangely into his own.

She had the look of a dryad at odds with the world, a whimsical and elfish intellectual.

The venerable walls are the target for their elfish tricks and wanton caresses, their fugitive withdrawals and stealthy returns.

"Never mind, mother mine," said she, turning in elfish mood to brush her lips across the frustrated fingers.

Back among some of his idle dreams there had been a Kitty, blue-eyed, black-haired, slender and elfish.

In Alexandrian poetry Eros is at one time the powerful god who conquers all, at another the elfish god of love.