Elicits [verb]

Definition of Elicits:

draw out

Synonyms of Elicits:

Opposite/Antonyms of Elicits:

Sentence/Example of Elicits:

Our cause is a just one; the greatest at present that elicits the attention of the world.

And when they are opened, it throws a gleam on the page, which secures attention, and elicits admiration.

This is enough about moral propriety as a principle of tragic emotion, and the pleasure it elicits.

We here see the triumph of the moral law, so sublime an experience for us that we might even hail the calamity which elicits it.

Now the repartee of one elicits a laugh from the other; this passes from man to man, and the whole flotilla enjoy the joke.

Apparently she is entering into his delusion, whose whole range she elicits from him, without once opposing him.

Fortunate is the orator if he elicits the expression: That is beautiful!

Then after much painful probing as to why he has so suddenly changed his attitude towards the scheme, she elicits the reason.

A sudden flash of fire at once elicits light and moisture from the eye, and causes a bright colour.

The General proceeds to unfold the railroad scheme, and elicits Reinhold's opinion.