Elided [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Elided:

The accents seem to fall on She and have, the e in wold-e being elided.

Koch would omit hit, for the sake of the metre; but it makes no difference at all, the e in thoghte being elided.

Pouerte can be pronounced povrt'; accented on the second syllable, and with the final e elided.

The h is nearly mute and frequently elided, as in ocola (ocol haa) to baptize.

This shows a decline in the proportional duration of the elision as the total value of the measure elided increases.

In Prakrit the k of this suffix, being medial, was elided, so that we get forms like Skr.

Hadde, possessed; as hadde is here emphatic, the final e is not elided.

Besides, e is only elided before h in the case of certain words.

We must read the before old, not this or that, because e in the must be elided; otherwise the line will not scan.

We even find passages where, for special effect, the usual beats are elided or extra beats inserted.