Eligibility [noun]

Definition of Eligibility:


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Sentence/Example of Eligibility:

TikTok has told publishers that they will be eligible to apply for the TikTok Creator Fund payments, according to publishers who have talked with TikTok about the Creator Fund.

The team then compared voter turnout across counties by looking at election data showing how many eligible voters actually cast a ballot in each midterm or presidential election during that quarter century.

Inextricably linked with the right to vote must be the responsibility to ensure that anyone who is eligible should be allowed to cast their ballots safely, securely, and without fear.

The state says it’s paid out 95 percent of eligible claimants, while the rest are not eligible for the money.

If there are no errors in the code, the test results should show that the page is eligible for rich results.

Workers who walk off their job are not eligible for unemployment benefits.

Google updates the list of eligible categories your business can fall under.

Most whole-home rentals would need a minimum of two-night stays, and residents would be eligible to acquire only one permit per person.

So make the most of this insight by setting a minimum purchase amount for consumers to be eligible for free shipping.

You can use the following markup found on Google’s developer reference page to make your FAQs eligible to show up as a rich result.