Eligible [adjective]

Definition of Eligible:

fit, worthy

Synonyms of Eligible:

Opposite/Antonyms of Eligible:

Sentence/Example of Eligible:

The proposal also would raise ACA insurance subsidies for consumers already eligible for that help.

And, for those more reliant on phrase match, be sure to keep an eye on your keywords as the change occurs since additional queries will be eligible to match, and make use of negative keywords to ensure that your budget is being used effectively.

If the players test negative, they could be eligible to face the Cavaliers, unless they are subject to punishment from UNC’s basketball program or university administrators.

Anything over that would not be eligible, because they are the people who really are hurting right now and need the help the most.

They have missed the past eight games but are eligible to play as early as Tuesday night when Washington hosts the Philadelphia Flyers.

In at least 13 states, grocery workers are eligible for the vaccine in at least some counties, the Times reports.

In opening up and telling more people that they’re eligible, they set people up for disappointment.

Hundreds of thousands of restaurant workers are newly eligible for the vaccine in New York City, a concession from our governor when pushed on how he could open restaurants for indoor dining without extending protections.

On second down during the goal-line sequence, Brady almost connected with backup offensive lineman Joe Haeg, who had reported as an eligible receiver, but Haeg couldn’t make the catch in the end zone.

They can be accessed by an email that the city’s Office of the State Superintendent of Education is sending to eligible workers who have registered.